Cecilia Commero

Purpose Statement

Professional headshot of Cecilia Commero, a white female with curly brown hair and green eyes wearing a tan floral shirt with a bow and a blue cardigan sweater.

I believe it is important to invest time in yourself so you can uncover your passions and motivators in life. Allowing yourself space to be creative and pursue your interests will bring you closer to realizing your full potential and steer you on a path you are truly invested in.In my career, I hope to be able to combine both my passion for creativity and interest in marketing.
In the marketing field, there are many oppurtunities to integrate creativity into the work you do. I hope to work in the fashion industry, creative advertising, or entertainment. By surrounding myself with these things, I hope to shape a career that I grow to love and thrive in.

Through my portfolio, I will showcase some of the things I am doing now in hopes of expanding my skills and oppurtunities to gain experience for my future career.

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