Cecilia Commero


Alpha Kappa Psi

group of 13 college students wearing business prefessional clothing after being inducted into the fraternity alpha kappa psi. They are standing behing 3 large wooden letters a k and p that are blue and yellow. there is a white back drop behind them.

In November of 2022, I became a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Chi Delta at Saint Joseph's University. I not only gained a wonderful community of people on my campus, but also grew exponetially as an individual both personally and professionally. I have learned many skills to help me in my future career such as resume building, networking, and public speaking.
For the 2024-2025 academic year, I have been elected as the Vice President of Marketing where I will be responsible for running our chapter's social media. I am looking forward to using my experience in marketing and graphic design to boost our social media presence and benefit the organization.

Addison Bay

This spring, I started working at Addison Bay as a Product and Distribution Intern to gain experience in the fashion industry. Addison Bay is an activewear and lifestyle clothing brand made for girls on the go by girls on the go.
I began my internship in March of 2024 and will continue to support their team throughout the summer.
With their Distribution team, I will learn about ecommerce and how to ensure a postitive online customer experience.
With their Product team, I will learn about keeping up to date with inventory, visual merhcandising, and product management.
I am so excited for this oppurtunity as this is a field I am interested working in for my future career, and can't wait to support the Addison Bay brand!

company logo for addison bay

Other Portfolio Items

flower shaped button, press for graphic design page
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